tipi tent

Are you searching for adult teepee tents that are an exciting alternative to the usual canvas tents available in the UK? If style, practicality, and affordability are your watch-words, then choosing a Tipi Tent is a sound choice that will provide you with an outstanding return on your investment!


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Tipi Tents are constructed in a way that makes them a thrilling alternative to standard family tents. With their predominantly conical shape, they look a little like traditional teepee tents used by American Indians of the Plains and Great Lakes regions, and that is precisely the idea! The Sioux Indian word for tepee is tīpī meaning ‘dwelling’ in English. You might well call our modern version a Tippee Tent, but we’re happy to use the original Sioux term!

The North American Native Indians knew a thing or two about constructing a dwelling that was flexible and robust enough to cater to the needs of the family, festivities, and more. We have taken their construction wisdom and crafted our Tipi Tents so they are easy to pitch as one unit. Depending on the model you choose, you can berth four to ten ‘glampers’ in style! We are especially proud of our Tentipi range, accommodating all party sizes up to space in our largest model allowing for 50 people to sit on the interior flooring. And, with Tentipi you can buy a variety of accessories to make your camping experience an even greater joy – like a drying rail, and even a wood burning stove! Tipi Tent has an enviable reputation for quality with a proven technical performance that is hard to beat. With innovative venting, robust zips, versatile zip-in groundsheets, alloy poles, and a host of other high-end features as standard, you can blend traditional style with technical brilliance – and with pricing to suit all pockets!

Canvas tents of old in the UK have met their match with our adult teepee inspired modern-day ‘home-from-home’ alternatives! Escape from the trials of everyday fast-paced living, and head for the simpler outdoor life and reconnect with nature with a Tipi Tent as your base camp! Our traditional designs have been blended with state-of-the-art materials to guarantee comfort and reliability, time and time again. So, whether you are treating your break away as glamping rather than camping, or you see yourself as a bushcraft trailblazer, we have the right tent for you, your companions, and family! We cater for serious and casual campers alike.

Remember – it’s not Tippee Tents… it’s Tipi Tents!