Why should you purchase base layers? Our all-year-round baselayers are the perfect garment for keeping you comfortable when undertaking outdoor sports such as hiking, camping, climbing and skiing.

Also ideal for sports such as football, rugby, and netball. Acting as a second skin our men’s base layer midweight long-sleeved tops and women’s base layers work best when worn next to the skin, providing your skin with an extra layer to keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer. This means that your purchase of our women’s base layers and men’s base layers ensure you will feel forever comfortable whatever the season with the added enhancement of flexibility of movement, reduction in wind chill and the optimization of the skin’s microclimate.

Women’s baselayers and men’s baselayers should fit snuggly against your skin with no gaps. This means they can moderate and stabilize your body temperature using materials such as polyester, a polyester mix or a Marino wool. The question of sweat cannot be avoided as it does cause body odour over a couple of days wear. This is least likely to happen with Marino wool women’s base layers and men’s base layers, including men’s midweight long sleeve tops. As well as these women’s baselayers and men’s base layers you will also find thermal underwear tops and thermal underwear shirts within our collection.

All of our baselayers, including the thermal underwear tops and thermal underwear shirts, whisk away moisture, a process termed ‘wicking’. The sweat evaporates through the fabric of the base layer, taking it away from the skin. This is in contrast to cotton tops as cotton absorbs the sweat rather than wicking it away increasing the weight of the cotton fabric and making it wet, chilling you when you stop to rest. This does not happen with our high-quality women’s base layers, men’s base layer midweight long tops or our thermal underwear tops and thermal underwear shirts.

Our baselayers are designed for year-round usage, but for cold wintery conditions consider wearing a double layer of women’s base layers or men’s base layers. Also, don’t get caught out – always pack a spare set of thermal underwear tops, thermal underwear shirts, men’s base layers or women’s base layers.

Shop here for women’s baselayers, men’s base layers (including men’s base layer midweight long sleeve tops), thermal underwear tops and thermal underwear shirts.

Alfred Wainwright, 1973, in his book on a Coast to Coast Walk, stated “There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”. Whilst it could be argued that there is plenty of bad weather, we are sure that Alfred Wainwright would agree the necessity of the women’s base layers and the men’s base layers that you can source here.

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