Trail Running Shoes

Trail running shoes have just one purpose and that is to let you run off road, along trails, safely. Be it running across the Dales, the Fells, local beaches, forests or bridleways, we have the trail shoes for you.

Escaping into the countryside in your trail running shoes allows you to escape the urban life, avoid pollution and feel the freedom of the great outdoors. Out in the countryside you are more exposed to the elements and landscapes that are tougher than your local pavements. Mountain running or trail running requires our specialist trail shoes to provide you with the traction you need on various terrains.

Trail running shoes have lug soles, lower lugs are ideal for country pathways and bridleways as well as beaches and your local road running routes, there is no rule that states you cannot use your trail shoes on road. It is the deeper lug on the trail shoe that will keep you safe and upright when you are tackling the more challenging of our British landscapes by providing a greater surface area. Running up hills and across dales you could well discover plenty of mud and the deeper lugs on our mountain running trail shoes will help penetrate the mud and find a grip. Trail shoes grip from the heel when running downhill and from the toe when running up hill.

The upper material of our trail shoes allows maximum flexibility and movement and permits the shoe to breath. Water resistant rather than waterproof enables water, that does get into your trail running shoe, to escape. This stops your feet resting in residual water. Each trail running shoe comes with a level of shock absorption. This cushioning is personal choice and depends on the terrain you are using your trail running shoes on. Mud, sand and yielding forest floors are soft surfaces requiring less cushioning from your trail shoes, but firm trails over shale landscapes, hills and mountains, with rocks and roots require a high level of cushioning and shock absorption. All are available within our range of trail running shoes.

We all know the pain of treading on a child’s building brick barefooted. Trail shoes have a rock plate fitted within the sole to stop sole pain developing from running over stones and small rocks. The rock plate takes up the impact and diffuses the shock force across the sole. You will find that the tongue flange is often stitched in place, this stops debris entering your trail running shoe and causing blisters forming on your feet.

Here you will find a wide range of trail running shoes and mountain running shoes. They are all made to a high standard and have excellent grip which can be the difference between keeping you safe and putting you in danger. Guarding your whole foot from stones, rocks and tree roots and giving good toe protection our trail running shoes will be the most important piece of equipment you can buy for your training running adventures.