The history of the Timberland is evidence how the iconic 6-inch premium waterproof hiking boot came into being. Designed for the working classes of the northeast USA, these hiking boots were originally adopted by construction workers and farmers for the foot protection and insulation that was needed for the cold winter climate of these states.
Today the Timberland 6 inch premium waterproof hiking boot is the iconic yellow hiking boot that brought fame to the Timberland name.

Now, these hiking boots are a must for anyone looking for an iconic hiking boot, men and women. Timberland boots are timeless, versatile, durable and have an eye-catching leather insulation collar. Although these are iconic fashion statement for the hip hop music culture they are suitable for all and make a perfect match with denim jeans. Ultimately the Timberland 6-inch premium waterproof hiking boot can be urban or rural and Timberland boots are now worn by anyone looking for the boots iconic look.

The boots come in a range of colours alongside the iconic yellow boot, wheat, black, brown, pink and even neon green. The most popular colour remains wheat. it’s popular to purchase a couple of pairs of boots to match all the colours of items in your wardrobe?

It is not just the fashion statement of your boots that is important. Timberland boots are constructed to a high standard. Made from top-grain nubuck leather, are fully insulated, have grip stick rubber lug soles with Taslan nylon laces. All seams are sealed to ensure the Timberland hiking boots are waterproof. The Timberland boots are roomy, have great grip, excellent shock absorption and provide good arch support.

By purchasing a pair of Tims, you are contributing to protecting the planet. Half of the insulation is created from recycled plastic bottles and 10% of the sole is also made from recycled material. So, take your time and browse our range of hiking boots, including the and secure yourself at least one pair of iconic Timberland boots, all of which are outstanding value for money.