Air Tents

Do you love camping but get disconcerted by the hassle of putting up a tent? Look no further than our fantastic range of air tents.

Just a few years ago air tents were considered a novelty but today they are highly regarded, durable tents that are marvelously easy to put up with the bonus of having no tent poles. Tent poles put you off? Then our rapidly inflated air tents are made for you. So just how easy are these inflatable tents to erect? Putting up an inflatable air tent could not be easier. Take out of your vehicle, roll out and peg the base. Then using the provided air tent pump, plug into one of the values that supply air to structural air tubes and pump. Repeat for each air tube, then finish off by pegging out the guy ropes and pegging in the base loops. A one-person job, taking just 10 minutes for a small air tent, to up to 20 minutes for a large air dome tent, you will be sitting by your air tent raising a glass to those around you who are still trying to colour coordinate their pegs on their traditional tent.

As well as rapid assembly, our air tents have high performance specificaqtions, are strong yet lightweight. The air tents have outstanding ventilation, with good air flow from the door design, and insect repellent fly screens to keep out those pesky mosquitos. This keeps you comfortable in your inflatable tent whatever the weather and whatever the season. To keep the inside free of insects and water seepage, each of the air tents comes with sewn in ground sheets, making erection incredibly simple, as well as stopping water ingress and preventing an easy route into your inflatable tent by unwanted local wildlife. All seams are fully taped to keep your air tent dry and draft free.

Our air tents, including the air dome tents, have multiple inflation points, giving the inflation tents excellent stability. This means that when the wind is blowing strongly the inflatable tent can flex with wind, unlike the rigid tents where poles can snap and rip the tent fabric and tumble down. Inside an air tent you will feel that your inflatable tent is as solid as a rock.

Dismantling your air tent is as simple as putting it up. Even the large dome air tents only take minutes to deflate. When putting up your air tent, also called an air tube tent, you just connect the pump to the values. To deflate your air tube tent just leave the doorways partly unzipped and then open the air values. Gently folding and rolling the air tent will push out any remaining air and your inflatable air tent can be put back in its capacious bag ready for your next camping trip. No longer be put off from camping in our beautiful countryside, purchase one of our air tents today.