12 Man tent

The 12 man tent range is between 30 lbs and 50 lbs in weight, easily managed by two people you can also remove shares of the equipment from the neat and compact design and distribute the shares evenly amongst the whole group if you are hiking and wild camping to reduce the weight load.

We also select our 12 man tent design on how easily they can be erected. Most have colour coded poles that match the colour coded slots to put them into. No longer will you find the complex instruction booklets from the past.

Going camping has never been more popular, either for a weekend break or a longer holiday. Find out the benefits of relaxing in the beautiful British countryside with friends or family by purchasing a tent. Camping no longer has to be a summer season escape as our latest range of tents include all season 12 man tents to allow camping throughout the year. The biggest wow factor is the space, it is extensive. With plenty of room for the family you can keep your children safe and close to you, or would you rather a camping trip with a group of friends? With a 12 man tent, there is enough floor space for you each to have your own privacy. Being together in our 12 man tent means no traipsing between tents or traversing the mud when it rains to keep in contact with each other.

As well as being ideal for larger groups, these tents also has the benefit of height. With many small tents having no headroom you have to squat and bend for access, with a 12 man tent you can easily stand with a roof height of at least 6 foot. So, no backache for your taller campers with our 12 man tents. You also have the choice of having compartments, these can provide privacy, storage, and sleeping spaces within the tent whilst still allowing plenty of space for a socializing area. 12 man tents also provide other comfort features, there are large windows to let in light, but a mesh screen will keep out those pesky mosquitos and other insects giving you bite-free nights. Air vents allow you to control the air coming into your 12 man tent to eradicate cooking smells and keep the atmosphere fresh and clean.

In summary, our excellent range of 12 man tents are spacious, waterproof, breathable, fire-resistant with room to stand and stretch. They provide a substantial family or group space for socializing as well as providing privacy and storage spaces. All of our 12 man tents are quality products and we are confident you will find a 12 man tent here that meets your specific requirements.

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