Choosing the Best Tent

Camping with friends or loved ones is still a fun and memorable activity. You can get to bond with loved ones and share stories. With the growing popularity of camping, various agencies have started manufacturing tents of diverse sizes to suit diverse family needs. Choosing the best tent size could be extremely daunting. Most times what the manufacturing agencies promote or advertise are not in conformity with the item. Never allow pictures fool you. Avoid wasting your money in buying low quality tent. To help you find and Choosing the Best Tent for your next camping getaway, you just have to follow these tips.

tent5 Choosing the Best Tent

Tip #1:

You have to know the number of people and how much of the gear and equipment you’ll be travelling with be you start Choosing the Best Tent. Tents are available in numerous sizes. There are for two man tents, three man tents and so forth. The amount tell the maximum capability of every tent, how many people could sleep inside the tent, shoulder to shoulder without any space for personal things. While this rating scheme might be feasible enough for hikers and campers who are used to travelling light, it is not advisable for family trips. In case you want to get a more realistic camping tent capacity, split the rating by two. Like for example, a lot of two man tents are just comfortable for one person and 4 man tents for 2 adults and maybe, two small kids.


Tip #2:

You must assign 0 square feet or floor area for every person. Of course, this is not possible when you wish for a light travel. On the other hand, when you planned for longer camping journey, the square foot allocated or assigned per person must be higher.

tent3 Choosing the Best Tent

Tip #3:

When you don’t like to be cramped up in a room during your hiking or camping trip, you just have to assign space. Like for instance, when you are 7 feet tall, you want an area of at least feet so as to stretch. In thickness, you want two and a half feet for a comfortable sleep. That will be about 20 square feet. A lot of two man tents available are 5 by 7 feet. 10 by 10 foot tent is just perfect for two people. Hence five by 7 tents could fit small kids comfortably.

tent4 Choosing the Best Tent

Tip #4:

You have to check for camping tents which will give ample space for standing up or when changing your clothes. Of course, this is just advisable when you plan to camp longer like for instance 7 days to give you a further livable situation. When you plan to purchase two man tents you have to know the actual tent, and see if you can stand up inside the tent.

Camping, hiking and any outdoor activities are just some of the best way to loosen up the pressure and stress that we are facing on a daily basis. Thus, all the things needed must be appropriate which include the tent. Choosing the Best Tent by means of following the guides listed above.

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