Picking the Right Jacket

Jacket is one of your favorite outdoor pursuit; snowboarders, mountaineers, bikers, skiers, climbers and hikers uses durable jackets to protect themselves from detrimental elements. Below are the common jacket options:

jacket2 picking the right jacket

  • Shell Jacket: This will be your initial “layer of protection” against snow, wind and rain. This forgoes insulation which favors simplicity, weight savings, and versatility. Triple, double or single layer synthetic material make this jacket quick drying, packable, highly breathable ad durable. Basic shell jacket include few technical features and comfort like waterproof front closures, adjustable hoods, hand and chest pockets and vents. The inherent simplicity create versatile and reliable layering piece for all 4 seasons.
  • Soft Shell Jacket: This is the most versatile jackets. This is defined by its flexible, soft body material, usually made of stretch woven nylon, polyester and elastane. This can be use as mid layer during severe weather or outer layer during moderate weather. Although the insulated jacket or fleece typically provides more warmth, soft shell jacket provides protection against wet weather and wind. The high level of breathability make it the best choice for aerobic activities such as biking, cross country skiing, running, hiking and more.
  • Insulated Jacket: This generally depend on down or synthetic fill like Coreloft, Thermoball or PrimaLOft to trap your body heat. Insulated jackets primary types are designed for an active outdoor wear and lightweight insulated jackets.


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