Picking the Right Boots

There are numerous types of hiking shoes and hiking boots and choices can be very bewildering. Below are the 4 common terms of hiking categories based on general kind for which these works best:

  • Hiking Sandals and Shoes: This is commonly used for short outdoor walks, easy interludes or for knocking around the camp.
  • Day Hiking Boots: This is used for moderate hiking like short hikes and day hikes in a rough country.
  • Backpacking Boots: This is designed for a multi day backpacking trips.
  • Mountaineering Boots: This is utilized for the most serious mountain climbing, hiking and even ice climbing.

Reliable pair of hiking boots is one of the most essential hiking equipment that a hiker must bring. This will protect you from any foot injury that can lead to serious health condition; choosing the right hiking boots usually depend on your hiking trip. You need different boots for different weather conditions too.

You need to consider the type of boost and the materials it’s made of. You can use the leather which is fat more expensive, but durable. With leather boots, be assured that your precious feet are protected from sweet and moist because this comes with breathable material and waterproof. On the other hand, lightweight hiking books are less expensive and let your feet breath more since this comes with short break in time. Whichever you like makes sure that give you the most reliable ankle support.

Also choose hiking boots which is 2 times larger than your size. Your feet will swell on certain weather condition; additional room can give you comfort and air. Make sure to choose the right hiking boost to have a safe and enjoyable trail.


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