Great British Hikes

Sunshine Coast Trail (Distance 180 kilometers / Moderate): If you want amazing views and Great British Hikes, lakes, pristine wilderness, and challenging trail, then Sunshine Coast Trail is best for you. Distance is 180 kilometers from start to end, it moves from “easy” to “difficult”, whereas seasoned hikers can complete it easily. This is the longest hut to hut trail starting at “Sarah Point in Desolation Sound” it wind hikers regions hinterland lakes and alpine meadows. Numerous stops along the way including cabins, B&BS and campsites. You will end in Saltery Bay, this entire trail necessitate ten days to complete. You can also split it into section base on your skill level and needs.

Judges Rout –Mt. Arrow Smith (Distance 6 Kilometers/ Difficult): Mt. Arrow Smith is the “highest mountain” in southern Vancouver Island, the scenery from the top and whooping elevation gain 1000 meters. Even if the route is not technical, the steep require scrambling in some spots. Make sure to bring lots of water especially if you’re planning to trail during summer months.

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Cape Scott Trail (Distance 24 kilometers/ Moderate): This is situated in “Cape Scott Provincial Park” close to Port Hardy, remote and rugged area which provides unpredictable weather and is a must for our Great British Hikes. Backpacker must prepare and must be well equipped to handle muddy wilderness and extreme trail conditions. You must dress in layers, be aware of cougars and bears on your hiking journey. Don’t worry; there are available campsites in the area.

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Juan De-Fuca Marine Trail (Distance 47 kilometers/ Moderate): This wilderness hiking trail leads through most isolated and remote shoreline of some Vancouver Islands. It is a rugged 47 kilometers of a coastal hiking marked by thundering surf and scenic growth old forest. Possibility of spotting wildlife is quit ample; you must beware of cougars and bears. You will find the tidal pool at the Botanical Beach very spectacular. You can split this hike into 4 ten kilometer stretches.

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Mt. Albert Edward (Distance 31 Kilometers/ Difficult): This can be described as narrow trails and steep climbs of the Great British Hikes. There are available campsites in Circlet Lake. Majority of hikers perform this as their overnight trip, and it is known for local outdoor education classes. You can start from the lodge, and make through the Paradise Meadows just before heading into the wood. Unlike above trails, this is undemanding. The Past Circlet Lake is an “uphill grunt” and some scrambling. After reaching the ridge, you will find yourself in high alpine, you will also experience gentle uphill trekking past this point along the summit ridge.

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The Lions (Distance 15 kilometers/ Difficult and require technical climb): This trail is very challenging since it necessitate good and strong pair of lungs. Even if the entire trail is hard, you will surely be rewarded with sceneries of wonderful Howe Sound. Many people acknowledge this as an in and out hike along similar route which deposit back at the vehicle. Those hikers who do not possess climbing skills must not dare reaching the summit. Make sure to wear pack layers, bring water and food and plan for the changing weather for this part of the Great British Hikes

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Al’s Habrich Ridge Trail: (Distance 12 kilometers/ Difficult): This is only a full day hike where hikers are being rewarded by wonderful sceneries of the Howe Sound, Habrich, and Sky Pilot Mountain. You will venture through the old growth forests around glacial formations, waterfalls and streams. At the end of this fascinating trial, you will be amazed of the picturesque Never Land Lake.

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Elfin Lakes Trail (Distance 23 kilometers/ Moderate): This place provides high and easy access alpine rnage to our Great British Hikes. This popular and classic hike offer first 4 kilometers, or trail head as the steepest and you will reach the Red Heather Meadow. This is where you will find beautiful waterfalls; an ideal place to stop to grab some lunch or drink cold water. Be amazed of the great Mountain View, if you want to camp in the area, there are safe sites where you can have overnight stay. You can turn weekend activity much interesting especially if you’re with your family or loved ones covering Great British Hikes. Bear in mind that during summer season campsite is quite busy, you can also consider performing this hike during winter.

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Mount Cheam (Distance 9.5 kilometers/ Moderate): This will surely put you on top of the world, you be out exploring wonderful view. The zigzag trail will lead you to gravelly terrain and beautiful meadows.  You will get unbeatable view, 2,111 meters is the high point with 662 meter elevation. This hike requires 4×4 vehicle driving direction.

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Golden Ears Trail (24 kilometers/ Difficult): The elevation of this trail is 1 500 meters and 12.5 percent average grade. This is a well maintained trail which is considered as lung buster. The initial 2 hours of the trail is a “pleasant stroll” through the Alder Flats and forest. After the Alder Flats, this is where the real trail begins. You will start getting steep, although the sceneries may not be unobstructed; you can picture out scenery from the “Lord of the rings”. The colorful trees and flowers make this trail a picturesque hike. Keep in mind that majority of hikers do this overnight, and later on camping at the Panorama Ridge. You will get to the trailhead just by heading toward the “North Beach” area of the Alouette Lake along with Golden Ears Parkway. Make sure to watch for the signage advertising at the West Canyon Parking Lot.

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Stawamus Chief (Distance 7 kilometers/ Moderate): One of the most popular choices is hiking through the Chief. This is easy to find, ideal for occasional hiker and hard to get lost. Once you reached the summit you will enjoy the panoramic view of Squamish Valley, town of Squamish, Howe Sound and the nearby mountain peaks. Even though this is a well-known destination of Great British Hikes, do not be fooled thinking that this is an extra easy hike, prepare first aid kit, water, food and right foot wear to avoid serious injuries. You will get to the place by driving to the Squamish and looking for the Highway 99 signage.


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