THE NORTH FACE Women’s W Chilkat Iii Nylon (EU) Hiking Boots Price: £47.50 (as of 09:19 EST- More info)

•  Dri-Lex Fleece Collar
•  200g Primaloft Eco Recycled Heatseeker Insulation (400g in Chilkat 400 boot)
•  Height 8.5 inches
• 6 inches from ankle to top of boot
• Injection-moulded TPR shell
• Removable comfort insole in some designs
• Rubber compound sole
• Compression moulded EVA midsole/Anatomically correct Injection moulded midsole
• Leather and synthetic materials



North face chilkats

As the colder weather approaches, you need to be sure that you’ve got North face chilkats boots which can withstand dropping temperatures and any frost or snow that occurs. Large brands may have cornered the market, but nothing quite compares to the luxury and enduring build quality of the North Face chilkats. All North Face’s chilkat’s boots are perfect for even the coldest of temperatures. The female Chilkat II North Face boots, for example, are comfortable in weather conditions as low as -25 degrees. This is because an impressive 200g (400g in the Chilkat 400) of Primaloft Eco Recycled Heatseeker insulation is used to trap in hot air, promoting heat retention to increase warmth and foot comfort. This insulation is designed to minimise bulk and maximise breathability. It is created from 70% recycled fibre to recreate the feeling of goose down. 

The boots also have a Dri-Lex fleece collar, which is not only soft and comfortable, but also helps to retain heat and protects the feet from snow. This eliminates the need for a gaiter when using the North Face Chilkat II boots.

The North Face Chilkat II women’s boots stand at around 8.5 inches and sit approximately 6 inches above the ankle. They are waterproof up to their full height, even if submerged in water. The leather is also treated with an impenetrable moisture barrier which keeps precipitation away from the wearer. North Face have created the women’s boot uppers using a softer, more flexible leather than many of their competitors to prevent rubbing and wear. Despite this, we recommend wearing thin, high socks to prevent shin rubbing as the boots have a tall stack height and sit at this level. This will give wearers a more comfortable wear experience, particularly with longer wear. We do not recommend the use of thick socks as feet may become too hot due to the 200g Primaloft Eco Recycled Heartseeker insulation. 

The natural and synthetic fabrics used in the North Face Chilkat production allow ease of movement enabling wearers to enjoy a number of cold weather leisure activities including hiking and climbing with and without snowshoes. They’re comfortable enough to wear during day-to-day activities, protecting your feet from the cold whilst shovelling snow or walking to and from work. They’re also the perfect option for an après ski boot, transferring you from your cabin to the ski lodge for a warming hot drink without suffering from freezing feet. The boots come in a medium weight, allowing them to be used throughout the day without feeling heavy or cumbersome.


North Face boots are designed with the fashion-conscious in mind. They are available in a variety of styles in subtle colours for an understated, comfortable wear that is ideal for outdoor pursuits or daily use. Men’s and women’s North Face Chilkat boots are created from a palette of cub brown and Mediterranean green, taupe or zinc grey and black mimicking the tones found in nature’s environments. These colour schemes are created with the maximum flexibility in mind, allowing them to coordinate easily with most items in your wardrobe.

Large flat laces are used to secure the boot, gripping each other perfectly for a snug fit that moulds to your own individual measurements. You can cinch these laces quickly by pulling in one place, tightening the full length of the boots in seconds. Two sturdy hook and eyes complete the fastening system. This hardware, as well as all other North Face hardware is rustproof for long-lasting service and enduring good looks. The medium weight of the North Face Chilkat II boots and unisex colour scheme makes them ideal for both males and females seeking a stylish boot.

So, what about the midsole? Depending on the version of Chilkat boot you choose, the midsole will be made using either injection or compression moulding. Which is best for you will depend on the regular activities you’ll take part in while wearing the boots and which type of sole you prefer.

Injection Moulding

Injection moulding, as the name suggests is where EVA is injected into a mould and overflows, creating pressure and forcing the EVA into every nook and cranny of the mould. It’s very useful for running shoes and lightweight boots as it is more flexible than compressed EVA. This adds bounce to the step, adding more movement when walking. The anatomically engineered injection moulded TPR shell of the Chilkat boots have forefront grooves carved into the shell to increase grip and provide an attractive finish.

Injection moulded EVA It is not as easily carved as compression moulded EVA, which restricts the designs that can be created with it. However, it is more suitable for walking longer distances because of its lighter composition, so a trade-off is required.

Compression Moulding

If you’re unfamiliar with compression moulding, it’s where the EVA is subjected to pressure which causes it to mould into a specific shape. This makes the finish tougher and more prone to withstand extremes weather conditions. Compression moulded EVA is also firmer than its injection moulded counterparts, removing bounce from the step. This adds extra stability when walking or climbing in treacherous icy conditions.

The midsole of the Chilkat women’s boot is simple in its design with a triangular pattern carved out of the EVA on the bottom of the boot. The North Face branding is visible as a sign of quality and construction you can trust. This branding is again featured prominently on the toe portion of the boot for maximum impact, so you can display your North Face boots with pride. To the sides of the midsole are arching curves which mimic those found in the North Face logo.

Adding to the stability of the North face chilkats boot is a rubber compound which is used in the production of the dual-coloured soles. This temperature sensitive compound adapts to the weather conditions. Should the boots be used in below freezing conditions the compound will become soft and sticky for added traction, making journeys safer. Miraculously, it is firm to the touch in normal weather conditions. 


Like most North Face boots, the North Face Chilkat boots women’s sizes run small. We recommend picking boots one size larger than your usual street size to ensure the best fit. If, for example, you are a UK size 6, we recommend picking a UK size 7. This equates to a size 9 in the US and a size 40 in the EU. Boot sizes increase in half sizes to allow the closest possible natural fit. The Chilkat boots are tall, so wearing thin socks will help prevent rubbing and makes the boots comfortable for long-term use.

The Chilkat boots are short fitting, hence we recommend picking larger sized boots. Some of our customer feedback has suggested the boots are slightly narrow. While this gives a wonderfully snug fit, making them ideal for snowshoeing and walking up steep inclines, it may pose a problem for those with wider feet. If you do have feet that are wider than average, we recommend avoiding thicker socks for extra wiggle room. If this is still a problem, the removable comfort insole of the Chilkat 400 will allow for additional foot space, while the boot will remain pleasant to wear.

Those who use thick socks may also find that feet are too warm due to the large amount of insulation used when crafting the boots.


To ensure you choose the right boot for you, we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions below. For further information, please refer to our sizing guide which will help you make your decision.

Q. I’m usually a size 5 UK. What size should I purchase?

A. North Face female boots are usually sized between 3-9 (UK Sizes) with half sizes in between, giving a total of 13 sizes to choose from. As a rule of thumb, we recommend purchasing one shoe size larger than usual due to the snug nature of the boots. However, if you’ve got particularly wide feet adding an extra half size may give a more comfortable fit.

Q. What weight are the Chilkat boots?

A. The women’s Chilkat boots are medium-weight, which makes them suitable for every day wear as well as hiking, backpacking and snowshoeing. 

Q. How do I extend the life of my boots?

A. These Chilkat women’s boots are made from high quality leather and synthetic materials. It is important to treat these with care to extend their lifespan. While no specific products are required, we recommend that you clean the shoes after each use and protect using a silicon-based weatherproofing agent. Brands such as Nikwax Waterproofing Systems create products designed to protect leather fabrics throughout their lives.

Be sure to remove the laces from the boots before cleaning.

Use hot water, a rag and a cleansing agent to clean to boots. We do not recommend the use of washing up liquid as this can leave residue which may attract water.

For particularly stubborn stains, use a soft, clean brush to remove dirt and debris. Be sure not to use wire brushes as these will damage the leather.

Wipe down the hardware of the boots with a damp cloth and dry with a soft, lint free cloth.

Finally, store your footwear in a cool, dry place.

Q. What activities are these boots suitable for?

A. You can use the North face chilkats for many outdoor activities, but they are particularly useful for walking and hiking. Using with snowshoes is also possible. They are also the perfect après ski boots, combining comfort and style. North Face also produce a range of sandals, trail shoes and trainers/running shoes.

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